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To Our Sponsors...

The Siege of Limerick would not be possible year after year if it wasn’t for the support we receive from our family of sponsors and supporters. 

BANK OF IRELAND: The Bank of Ireland joined our family of sponsors in 2018 following on from Siege X being cancelled. Since then, our relationship has only grown stronger with support and guidance from them in receiving funding to repair the damage and financial loss we experienced following Storm Emma, another reason as well as offering unconditional support at the drop of a hat when we walk into their offices. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us the last 3 years and for many more to come.

FAILTE IRELAND: Failte Ireland where a part of our sponsorship pool in 2017 on the build up to Siege X which we had planned to be largest The Siege  to date facilitating a 3 division tournament with 48 teams from all across Ireland and Europe travelling to Limerick. With Storm Emma looming, airports closing all terminals and the rate of weather warnings accelerating, Failte Ireland reason. Since then, Failte Ireland has supported us year in year out to date to facilitate the growth of our tournament with the hopes of one day making our dream of a 3 division tournament facilitating 48 teams become a reality.

UL SPORT: UL Sport have been a part of the support group we have in Limerick since moving our tournament to their amazing sporting facilities. If we take a trip down memory lane, The Siege of Limerick started out in 2008 on Maguires pitches when a bunch of friends came together and decided to have Club teams compete against college teams to improve the standard of Ultimate across all levels in Ireland. Since then, The Siege has moved to Irelands best sporting facilities on UL Sports North Campus venue providing teams with 8 3G Astro Pitches, 8 changing rooms with separate shower facilities in each as well as a restaurant on site for any travelling supporters to keep them going throughout the day.

DOLANS LIMERICK: While many may not be fully aware of the name of the pristine destination of our Saturday night party, it is hosted in the one and only Dolans Warehouse Limerick. Dolans have always been the most accommodating to work with year on year and no problem is ever too small or big for them. They work closely with the band and DJ we bring in to make them feel at home on the stage while ensuring all our teams have an amazing night.

LOOKFLY: Making their debut at The Siege of Limerick this year will be Lookfly. Lookfly provides only the best in ultimate gear from shorts, jerseys, training pants, hoodies, hats – you name it! We couldn’t be happier to have their support going into The Siege of Limerick 2020.

ISHKA: Stay hydrated throughout the weekend with only the best Limerick Spring water. Deriving their name from the pronunciation of water in the Irish Language, this clever crew joined The Siege of Limerick Sponsors family in 2019. Having heard how determined we were to celebrate our 10th birthday, Ishka went above and beyond helping us provide the best birthday celebration for The Siege. Providing every team with enough water to keep any inkling of thirst at bay, you can be sure to get your fill of Limerick water at The Siege.

RED BULL: Red Bull came on board in 2018 ahead of The Siege of Limerick’s mighty come back to celebrate our 10th birthday – and boy oh boy did they make an impression. With their ‘Wings’ team members to be found across all corners of our venues handing out Red Bull cans to everyone around them, there wasn’t a soul in sight that wasn’t able to reach their full potential on the pitch. The energy levels were at an all time high all weekend and as if that wasn’t enough, Red Bull brought their ‘dodge’ with them and a DJ to keep the party vibes going strong from Saturday morning straight through to Sunday evening. We already can’t wait for it all to happen again this year.

JUST EAT: After a day of games, there’s nothing quite as scrumptious as a glorious meal from JustEat.ie. With every takeaway in the Limerick area only a click away from being at your door, Just Eat is at hand to prepare you for hours of dancing and throwing shapes both on the dancefloor and on the field.

AVONMORE: Another new face to the sponsorship family is Avonmore. Providing all of Ireland with the best selection of dairy produce as well as they’re brand new Avonmore Protein Milk, you can be sure to feel strong and energised after just one sip! Developed to make you stronger and more prepared for the next challenge, the next game, the next dance off – Avonmore Protein Milk is the real MVP.

UL NINJAS: Last but most certainly not least is our very own founders, UL Ninjas. Without the commitment from everyone in the club along with their aspirations and visions to create the largest Ultimate Frisbee Tournament in Ireland as well as one of the best Ultimate Frisbee Tournaments in Europe The Siege wouldn’t be what it is today.