Our History


The Makings of History...

Imagine reading about massive American tournaments like Trouble in Vegas, or going to massive European tournaments like Windmill Windup. Then imagine the hubris it would take for a team in its second season to go “Sure we could do that”.

In 2006-2007 UL Ultimate (The Ninjas) was founded. In our first year our largely ineligible team competed in beginner tournaments (Whacking day, UCD Beginners), The Cork Open and Irish Intervarsities which we hosted ourselves. At the time we noticed there was only really one proper Open club tournament in Ireland, that being The Cork Open, which at the time had only hosted a maximum of 16 teams.

We saw a spot on the calendar in late February that didn’t clash with any college exams as well as not being close to any other Irish tournaments. So we booked the pitches, advertised on all the message boards (this was before Facebook if anyone can believe) and got around to organizing. Our first tournament had international guests Flying Bisch of Italy as well as a few American pick up players. The finalists out of the field of 14 teams were Johnny Chimpo who defeated Broccoli.

Continued growth of the Irish Ultimate Scene

The first year of the event was run largely by Limerick Jim on his own. In the second year of the tournament he recruited a few players from the Ninjas committee to help out. That year our advertising yielded success in three international teams, England’s Flying Aces and Accrington Stanley as well as The Netherlands’ NUTS Ultimate who are now staple family members at The Siege of Limerick. With the continued growth of the Irish ultimate scene, The Siege had 18 teams in 2009. Special mention goes to the primordial soup that was “The Vikings”, who later spawned a number of current college ultimate teams.

The 2009 final saw Johnny Chimpo defend their title against Accrington Stanley in a hard fought final.

2010 was a game changer for The Siege. Out of pure pig iron Jim emailed Trouble in Vegas organisers Cultimate asking if they would like to be involved in The Siege of Limerick 2010. They got back to him to say they’d be delighted to be involved. Along with Cultimate came sponsors Five Ultimate who broke into the Irish market in a strong way as a result of the tournament. Cultimate CEO Skip Sewel also suggested we bring in Seattle Sockeye captain and frisbee legend Ben Wiggins, who ran training camps in Dublin and Limerick.


Continued growth of the Irish Ultimate Scene

Skip suggested that we also include a Women’s division to attract more teams to the party atmosphere. There was a lot of debate over whether Ireland had the numbers to host a woman’s division with most of the powers that be telling us that it would never work, there just weren’t enough girls. Though there proved to be a number of controversies associated with our first Women’s division, it ended up being run successfully paving the way for future women’s tournaments in Ireland.

The 2010 Siege of Limerick boasted 22 Open teams and 6 Ladies teams. This included international guests Ragnarok, perennial guests NUTS and the most stud ridden pickup team to ever assembled, boasting 3 players from Seattle Sockeye, 2 from Boston Ironside, a Spanish National team player, an Italian National team player, one player from Boston’s Brute Squad, one Irish Ladies player (UL’s own ladies coach Laura “Shoulders” McGrath) and annual Billy No Mates captain Eamon Cassels… of Meath. The Open final saw Ragnarok triumph over Broccoli, while the Ladies final went to Jabba the Huckers.

From small yet ambitious beginnings The Siege of Limerick has flourished and with the help of all of you who are reading this it will continue to grow and serve as one of the best opportunities to play ultimate in Ireland for years to come!

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